Paloma takes Brooklyn

This blog entry is the first of many that will document my time interning in Brooklyn, NY with New Media Advocacy Project (NMAP). I have been in NY for a little under a week, and so far, so good. NMAP is a very small organization with an office space–more like room– that is smaller than the average CMC classroom. Their floor hosts 20 or so organizations that are all separated by glass walls. From what I’ve seen, the other organizations in the building are human rights or environment related–so great people and vibes overall! The office next to NMAP has two french bulldogs, and in moments of silence I can hear them snoring–pictures coming soon. Brooklyn is a wonderful and diverse borough. I am staying in an airbnb and have 1-5 roommates depending on the week. There is one girl who will also be here all Summer and then there are people who come and go. Because I am close to Pratt Institute the people I have met in the area are young artsy folk. So far I have attended a feminist art gallery, taken some film editing tutorials, and debated with a Pratt student over whether Matisse or Picasso had more influence on radical contemporary art of the 20th century (incited by my Picasso, and her Matisse, tattoo). When in Brooklyn…

Yesterday, NMAP asked me to attend a seminar in Manhattan that was about women and young girls and their relationship with technology. Once I write my summary of the discussion on NMAP’s blog I will make sure to share it on my blog. FullSizeRender




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