Someone that I will miss greatly

Someone that I will miss greatly is my coworker and unofficial supervisor, Assane Aw. Assane is a Senegalese man who lives in Paris and is head of reception. Although Assane was not my official supervisor, or head of COMEDE, he became someone I looked to constantly for guidance. There is a team that mans the reception. The team will change depending on the day and the hour,  but the one constant for my 8 weeks at the reception was Assane, we worked together as equals. The woman who usually was in my seat was sick during my entire time at Comede. Because the organization was down a person, and they need as much help as they can get, I had to rise to the challenge, and was soon someone that the organization had to rely on. This was the best part. I was fortunate enough to be taking on the work and responsibility of full-time employee.

I believe that my growth at Comede and in Paris was significantly greater because of the opportunity I had at Comede and because of Assane. Assane’s role is very important at Comede, although not the  highest ranked or paid. His leadership does not come from superiority and a position of power, but from the way he sets an example for his co-workers. He is someone who respects everyone and has been very supportive and patient with me during my time under his wing. This type of leadership resonates well with me because the sense of equality and mutual respect allows for more open communication and growth.